Last night I sat by the Rivern Severn around midnight with a friend. In the moonbeam of a waning moon, we watched the tidal shifts and shimmies. The salt water of the estuary, and the fresh water from the river intermingled – vying for control of this huge body of turbulent water.

When we arrived the tide was winning, the water flowing up-river. The moonlight on the surface of the water highlighted that the tide nearest to our bank of the river was gradually losing the fight against the force of the Severn. The incoming tidal flow was stalled as the waters whipped and swirled, and gradually the line of spiralling whirlpools gave way to the river running out towards the sea. The natural status quo of forces returned, and all became quiet and calm.

The flow of the Severn inspired the coming into life of Flow Contemporary Arts and continues to do so. Mindfulness and observation, listening and reflection, it’s all part of the process.