At the Guardian Culture Professionals live chat today with Alan Davey, I asked:


I’d be interested to know the ratio of how much is spent from the budget on organisations and how much on individuals? 

And he replied with :

Guardian contributor

I feel pleasantly surprised by this response – it often seems that the NPO’s and institutions are the most important cornerstones of the arts ecology. But it is still very organisation top-heavy.  And it isn’t clear how many of the individual ‘artists’ might be freelance arts professionals as opposed to ‘artists’.
There were some excellent responses to the various questions, it’s worth having  a delve in there to see if any of them might touch your nerve endings. 
“Ellieface’ (sorry, I don’t know their real name), asked a good one about intrinsic satisfaction – do have  a read (I don’t want to infringe copyright here!)