Godin has it right again – fear of change, technology – the end of art? merely different

I like Seth Godin and follow his blog. I like that his name contains God but isn’t God and doesn’t proclaim to be him either

Today I think Godin is great – today in his blog he has stated the obvious – which oddly, some people disagree with …….his blog ends with:

… all this ending is leading to more and more beginnings, isn’t it? It’s not ruined, it’s merely different.

(it was my idea to put his ending at the beginning of this post, and flag up that it is how he ended his post, which of course is not really an end, but a beginning….)

A snippet, you need to go and read the rest:

Now it’s ruined

Photography is a cheat, the death of painting

Photoshop is a hack, the death of photography

Instagram filters are crap, the death of Photoshop

Typing is mechanical, the deathknell for organic handwriting….etc etc

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