A sonic journey by Ivor Richard described and sampled on BBC Radio Gloucester today – the live event at Dean Heritage Centre Saturday 4th Aug 5.30pm – 7.30pm

On Saturday 4th August at Dean heritage Centre you can enjoy, for FREE, the experience of hearing 360 degree soundwork. Expect some wonderful historical references as well as more contemporary sounds. Here’s a clip from the radio programme we did today, you will hear some clips from the audio, but being there will be even more special – the sound quality if fantastic! You can listen to the whole programme with Nicky Price here.

And I’ve written a poetic response to the soundwork, get there early, there will be a few around for you to take home with you.

The project has been supported by funding from Arts Council England and West dean Parish Council

ivor richards flyer for social media

Summer Newsletter – acoustic journeys & walking in circles & streets

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An Acoustic Journey

Saturday 4th August sees, or hears, the launch of an immersive acoustic experience by Ivor Richards.  The event at the Dean Heritage Centre with sound artist Ivor Richards and sculptor Rob Olins provides an immersive experience of the acoustic landscape of the old railway route between Cinderford and Lydney. Dipping in and out of past and present, it ends with an epic story.

Thanks to an Arts Council England  Grant, I’ve been supporting Ivor as a Producer and contributing a written response to his wonderful 360 degree soundtrack. It has become a strong collaboration, with Rob Olins installing his sound mirrors as part of the event. We’re providing blindfolds for audiences to enable them to become fully immersed in the sound. A grant from West Dean Parish Council has also supported our doing a workshop at Heart of the Forest too, where children of all ages and abilities enjoyed a fun session of tracking, and identifying, sounds as they moved around the room in various directions.

Make sure you come along – and if you love local cider, James McCrindle will be selling his fabulous produce on-site too!

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Weymouth Consultations

I’m also working with some of the b-side team in Weymouth to deliver a brief for a new public artwork in the town. We’re leading a series of consultations called WalkTalkArt, so if you are interested, book a free place here. Note: this is specifically for those who live in/near Weymouth.


Also, I have artwork and videos showing with farOpen studios at the Dean Heritage Museum, Soudley,  until Sunday 22nd July. (Checkout full open studios programme here). I am showing twelve videos of my ‘walking in circles’ series, alongside associated digital prints. They evolved from my panoramic charcoal drawings, all include a sole female figure (me) moving through the landscape.

I hope you are enjoying your summer as much as I am (double-dipping in the lido is a treat!!)

donating artworks for charitable causes gives back to the artist too, in a warm fuzzy way!

img_8793Recently I donated this two-metre drawing of Newnham, where I live, as a fundraiser for the repair of the St. Peters Church bells.

I have never done this sort of thing before and decided right at the beginning that 100% of the income would go to the appeal. Like most artists, I don’t find it easy to generate income from art work alone, so I don’t have much in the way of financial resources to contribute. But I do have my art.

The picture was displayed in the High Street in the Quaker Library window and Andy Vivian, who runs the library, was a fantastic support, thanks to him, and to Cameron Dickie, who managed the sealed-bid campaign.

My delight on being told that it had achieved £1516 for the appeal was evident in my whole-body-warm-feeling, and it wasn’t just because it was a hot summers night! That sensation was doubled when the private collector who bought it told me he specifically wishes it to be hung in the cultural hub/building/whatever we manage to open in the village, in the future. Big thanks to this gentleman, not only for acquiring the drawing to support the work on the church bells, but for also showing confidence that ReNewnham will achieve it’s goal.

This ambition for the village has come about since The George Café closed recently and local people, including artists, felt lost at sea (or river). Newnham was once a thriving port, boasting many pubs, hotels, hostelries and brothels. In recent years it gained a reputation for being a creative place, with lots of artists, musicians, makers and writers living or visiting.

This year there’s a drive to bring all of that back, which is exciting. Newnham Live, run by Dave Freeman (ex-Jazz FM) sold hundreds of tickets and gave us a wide range of music to enjoy. Fairport Convention sold out – 200 people packed into the church. Riverside Rock last weekend was kindly hosted in the Mansion House and offered a perfect mix of music, picnics, dancing and a moonlit river backdrop.

All this has happened in a small quiet village in the Forest of Dean. Next step is to try and get back what we are missing and add even more too. What we have is great, but mass and density will make it even better. Join the ReNewnham Facebook group if you want to be involved and support this renaissance!

PS if you want to order a half-size print of the Newnham image I can provide with a discount. Just email me with ‘Newnham print offer’ as subject line and I can send you details. carolyn@flowprojects.org.uk

PPS I have my latest drawing showing in farOpen Studios at Taurus near Lydney, opening this weekend. The following weekend I shall have work in the Dean heritage farOpen show too – of 360 degree prints…do come along to both….art, cakes and coffee, what’s not to like?

PPPS do support Hawkwood crowdfunding for providing artist in residencies…..I have donated 2 A4 works to the too, as I began them while I was artist in residence there last summer. All leading up to my book, in final stages!








@dartingtonhall a view from both sides – audience/participant

the last day of three


a quiet corner in the garden

blackbird nestled like a duck on grass – soaking in sunshine

birdsong, flies spinning in dappled beams

water and light

the cosmos

is here

as am I

processing my thoughts

they float through my mind

this writing is not the thing

but merely the reflection

deep below the surface things are stirring

what has been seen

been heard

been felt

will take weeks to assimilate

to saturate my work

soothe my aching brain

sink in





Liquidscapes at Dartington – performing [gulp] both sides of the Severn

Today is a little nerve-wracking for me, as I’m off to a conference, Liquidscapes, at Dartington. This is not, in itself, unusual, as I attend many conferences. I talk at them, chair discussions or engage as audience. But this is a first – I am performing [gulp].

Most people are aware of my passion for the River Severn. I’ve drawn it photographed it, written about it. Several years ago I did a project with Suze Adams whereby we met opposite sides of the river and photographed the bore as it passed between us.

Over recent weeks this action has been repeated, but this time meeting Carol Laidler, with a very clear agenda.We set ourselves a number of tasks and met at three pinchpoints – Aust/Beachley; Sharpness/Lydney Harbour and finally Upper Framilode/Rodley.

It was fascinating to do. We wrote independently, took photos, then collaborated to bring it together as a conversation – sometimes in parallel, other times converging.

Whether it will be fascinating to see us perform is yet to be seen.

Do let me know!

bridge 16b concrete mud swirljpg




GDPR has me going around in circles – just like my 360 degree pictures!

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