First stage of the project is completed of Newnham Bells

via First stage of the project is completed

I’m not exactly sure what ‘press it’ means with WordPress, but am hoping this is a way of amplifying the Church Bells blog, because the new interior for the bell ringers is wonderful! go-see!

And you may spot that the header photo is one of mine and was the starting point for the Newnham Church drawing I did. I love this place.

I’ve finished my book! Drawing, writing, organising launches – am in my element…

I have been writing more and more in recent years, not just for projects, but also for pleasure and research, including publication. I have written for Four Seasons Magazine , a-n, Visual Arts South West and many other publications. I was writer in residence at Double Elephant Print Studio and attnded an Arvon Course about arts writing.

This is, however, my first book, and it’s been a challenge indeed. All the drawings took over a year to do, the writing just as long. Paul Manning is the person that shaped it visually and I’m delighted by the outcome.

So here is info about the launch. have taken it on as part of their imprint, which is exciting and puts it in context. That is not an easy task. Part autobiography, a bit of psychogeography, a tour guide, a picture book, peppered with facts and garnished with poetic license.

Only 100 copies in first edition.


writing about art-think, why and how we do what we do……from my alter-ego

Whilst this site is primarily about my work as a producer, I do have another about my own practice. I share things there about making art, rather than commissioning or reviewing. You could say it comes from the other side of me, my alter ego.

I studied art so that’s not really true, but my public face is more about being a Producer.

If you’d like to hear more about my thoughts and art I have another blog on my website, do go and have a read. I’ve just written about my latest photos – here’s a sample:

ipad view from pleasant stile fog tinted


A sonic journey by Ivor Richard described and sampled on BBC Radio Gloucester today – the live event at Dean Heritage Centre Saturday 4th Aug 5.30pm – 7.30pm

On Saturday 4th August at Dean heritage Centre you can enjoy, for FREE, the experience of hearing 360 degree soundwork. Expect some wonderful historical references as well as more contemporary sounds. Here’s a clip from the radio programme we did today, you will hear some clips from the audio, but being there will be even more special – the sound quality if fantastic! You can listen to the whole programme with Nicky Price here.

And I’ve written a poetic response to the soundwork, get there early, there will be a few around for you to take home with you.

The project has been supported by funding from Arts Council England and West dean Parish Council

ivor richards flyer for social media

Summer Newsletter – acoustic journeys & walking in circles & streets

I’m sending out the latest newsletter – if you want to have it plop into your email box, pease subscribe. Here’s a sample of what you might get! Usually only 3/4 times per year, no spamming, I promise!

An Acoustic Journey

Saturday 4th August sees, or hears, the launch of an immersive acoustic experience by Ivor Richards.  The event at the Dean Heritage Centre with sound artist Ivor Richards and sculptor Rob Olins provides an immersive experience of the acoustic landscape of the old railway route between Cinderford and Lydney. Dipping in and out of past and present, it ends with an epic story.

Thanks to an Arts Council England  Grant, I’ve been supporting Ivor as a Producer and contributing a written response to his wonderful 360 degree soundtrack. It has become a strong collaboration, with Rob Olins installing his sound mirrors as part of the event. We’re providing blindfolds for audiences to enable them to become fully immersed in the sound. A grant from West Dean Parish Council has also supported our doing a workshop at Heart of the Forest too, where children of all ages and abilities enjoyed a fun session of tracking, and identifying, sounds as they moved around the room in various directions.

Make sure you come along – and if you love local cider, James McCrindle will be selling his fabulous produce on-site too!

ivor richards flyer for social media.jpeg

Weymouth Consultations

I’m also working with some of the b-side team in Weymouth to deliver a brief for a new public artwork in the town. We’re leading a series of consultations called WalkTalkArt, so if you are interested, book a free place here. Note: this is specifically for those who live in/near Weymouth.


Also, I have artwork and videos showing with farOpen studios at the Dean Heritage Museum, Soudley,  until Sunday 22nd July. (Checkout full open studios programme here). I am showing twelve videos of my ‘walking in circles’ series, alongside associated digital prints. They evolved from my panoramic charcoal drawings, all include a sole female figure (me) moving through the landscape.

I hope you are enjoying your summer as much as I am (double-dipping in the lido is a treat!!)