Why a revival?

It is Spring 2020 and the Covid19 pandemic is moving through the world rapidly. Lockdown is an unfamiliar way to exist.  Prior to March 2020 it was unimaginable that our lives could change so much so suddenly. We are all learning to live in a different context, and one of the biggest challenges is self-isolation.

It is a time for clearing out cupboards, reflecting on our history, revisiting out values.

A time for looking at the things we have kept in our homes for years, have for some reason been resistant to throw them out, a time to wonder why that old thing holds such emotional power, so strong we can’t seem to bin it and move on.

Let’s talk about these things, reveal their stories, open them up, like cracking ope n a walnut shell found buried deep inside a plant pot. Like the squirrel, you probably tucked it away for years and forgot about it. Let’s prise it from it’s hiding place and explore it together.

But what IS The Story of Objects?

It’s complicated, because it means so many things to so many people. It honours our memories and charms of our past; celebrates the potency of things we keep and acts as a harbinger of stories.  The easiest way to explain it is to compare it with other things. It is like:

Antiques Roadshow, but instead of being concerned with economic value it’s about emotional value

The History of the World in 100 Objects (epic) compared to the History of an Object in the World (poetic)

The Internet of Things connects objects to each other for people to operate, the Story of Objects connects people through things on the Internet

In the early years there was a lot of research and testing about the project, you can read some here.

There is an Instagram stream of some of the early videos and that will be the platform for new films.

Some of the old films are on Youtube in a collection.

How to contribute the story of YOUR object?

I am working on this and will upload the information very very soon.